My passion for baking started at an early age, as I perched in the kitchen while my Italian grandmother made bread, cookies, and pizzelles. Naturally, my sweet tooth developed simultaneously as I sampled all these delights. I started playing around in the kitchen alone in my early teens, mostly experimenting with creative twists and decoration on prepared mixes and doughs. By the end of high school, I was the official birthday cake creator for my friends and family; by the end of college, I was the official apartment dessert maker. Owning my own bakery became a strong career desire, and was strongly encouraged by each person that tasted my creations. Unfortunately, these plans were sidelined as dreams, as joining the corporate world upon graduation seemed more practical and sustainable.

However, as the gushing compliments and inspiring comments from friends continued, often peppered with the random offer for backing in my endeavor,  I soon realized that my dreams of opening a bakery did not have to be completely at odds with my current career. Why not start the business now in my own kitchen, build up a business case, and eventually move it to my own storefront? And, given my love for writing and reviewing, why not document my journey in a blog, where I can simultaneously build a fan base and advertise my products for sale?

So, here we are. Follow me on my road towards my entreprenuerial dreams. Post content will cover anything and everything I encounter on my journey, including, but not limited to, business strategies, menu development, competition reviews, industry trends, and recipe and order details.  Eventually my menu will be available on the Ordering page, ready for your indulgence. However, please do not let an unposted menu deter you from ordering in the meantime - I am unofficially open for business, so just contact me!

I hope you enjoy reading and browsing! Please leave or email comments, suggestions, and the like.

Bon app├ętit!