Over the course of my amateur baking career, I have noticed only one trend in my style - and no, it is not a cupcake specialization.

The one quality all my desserts tend to have in common is that they are heavy on dolce (sweet, for those unfamiliar with Italian) and decadence. The best thing you've ever tasted. A tastebud explosion. A treat that touches the soul. Your deathbed dessert. If I filled a bathtub full of this treat, you would want to bathe in it (an actual comment by a fan). None of this delicate, dainty pastry - these are REAL desserts, the type that say, "If I'm having dessert, I'm having DESSERT."

Some products are classic, others are creative, and a few are really out there (hello, candied bacon sprinkes!), but all individually represent my philosophy of dolce and decadence. I hope you find something that becomes your soul-toucher, your last dying wish... or your bathtub filler.