Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Comment/Email Troubles

I've received feedback that people are having trouble with two things:
  1. They cannot leave a comment on a post (it just won't post).
  2. After signing up to "follow by email," they are not receiving email updates when I post a new story.
The comment thing is really weird, and I can't quite explain it.... It seems to work some times, not work other times. I have no restrictions on who can comment, so that's not the issue. Maybe just try again later?

The Follow by Email seems finicky as well. I have heard some people say they did receive the email, but it was delayed; others never received anything. One thing I can say is that you do have to verify/confirm your email after submitting it through Follow by Email - it will send an email containing a link to the address submitted; simply follow the instructions to confirm. However, even this doesn't seem to solve everyone's problems.

Please give me feedback if you are having these issues, either via comment on this post; or, if you are having problems with posting comments, then via email at dolce.decadence@gmail.com. I'd really like to know how many people this is affecting, as it may be worth moving to another blogging forum if it is widespread. Or, if you are a Blogger expert and know troubleshooting techniques for these, help me out! Thanks!


Mr. Berthene said...

Strawberries! plain, dipped in sugar or melted chocolate.
And fresh pineapple. Sooo so good. Chirimoya sounds interesting though. Have you found it anywhere in the states?

Nicole said...

Yes, I have, actually - only at the Meijer in South Bend, IN. Really weird. I'm still scouring Chicago in hopes of one day finding one. If I do, I'll be sure to bring it in for a row snack.